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Posted by MaximusJ - August 31st, 2021

In the usual place, totally not engineered to have you thinking about giving me money whilst you're there:


In this update I talk a little about how we might see some females in a slightly more exposed state than the mainline, whilst still being part of the storyline canon.




Posted by MaximusJ - August 2nd, 2021

Hello everyone,

I've posted my usual monthly update over on my subscribe star page, it's public but, just to save repeating myself:


It's not to make you consider subscribing whilst you're there, probably.

Got a few Screenshots of in progress work here for you to enjoy:




Posted by MaximusJ - July 26th, 2021


So, I don't know how many of you have followed my links to read my updates or not so I'm going to write this out so you know what to expect from me and what's going on right now.

I started this account after one of my subscribers mentioned I probably should host my series here, (did I not mention I have a subscribe-star? cause I totally do, you should go there for more updates and maybe give me money if you like)

What I've released so far has taken around 4-5 months production time overall, it's the start of a planned mini-series that I see totalling around 13-18 episodes to complete the first story arc.

Since they're long animations generally I try and aim to have one done about every 2 months, the production overheads vary a lot, and since it's all OC I have to custom make most models for the scenes, yada yada, you get it, it takes a while.

I plan for the series to be thematically similar to what's out there so far, machine assisted 'donations' and stimulation of male anatomy, there will be some more traditional sex stuff I'll explore in the future, and also some cool action set pieces and a storyline to digest along with it.

I might also do some -out of storyline- scenes with the models if the mood strikes me, but really this is all about getting that core story told.

Newgrounds has been a great place for this to exist, it seems that I've got a lot more interested parties, people picking up on story hints and a lot of good feedback as opposed to a lot of the other places I host my content, so by all means, keep it coming.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome, commissions are not.

Usually I give a monthly update around the first of the month as to where things are over on my subscribe star page, which if I didn't mention that I had before, I totally do. so you know, go take a look if you fancy, and whilst you're there if you'd like to contribute that would be totally rad.

My goals are set out pretty plain there, it costs me between $150-250 per production depending on how much voice acting is needed, not counting all the various subscriptions to software, music and sfx licencing that make up the ongoing costs. I do this mostly as a hobby though, so for now I'm absorbing the difference.

So yes, I know it's yet another starving artist asking for money but, it all goes back into the production of the content, and you do get some benefits, such as the occasional preview, and usually access to HQ downloads of my works.

Currently I'm working on episode 3, I'm targeting a release around-about the beginning of September, probably.

Thanks for reading, I hope to bring you more content in the future!